Edge Styles

Natural beauty and elegance makes granite the obvious choice
Granite countertop edges are available in many shapes and styles. Curves, angles, and lines join
together to create a look of simplicity, elegance, or unusual design.The eased edge finds its use on granite backsplashes while the quarter round, 5mm bevel and
eased edge is considered standard for granite countertops. The bullnose edge is known for it’s
soft roundness while the ogee edge offers elegance and delicate detail.The more elaborate the granite edge is, the more time it takes to cut, shape, and polish.
Therefore, the more it will cost.We offer variety of edge profiles. There are thirteen profiles broken down into four groups. First group is standard and this selection is included in our base price.Also we are open for any other custom profiles such as 4cm and 6cm laminated edges with combination of two different edge profiles and the 45° MITRE join which creates the 100mm look.

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